Kyani Review – Read This First Before Joining Kyani

The reason why you’re on this page must be because you were looking up “Kyani” and now your probably wondering whether or not it is a scam. Whatever the case may be I guarantee you that by the end of this article you will have enough information about kyani to know whether it is truly legit or not –so keep on reading!

kyaniIn this review we will discuss everything kyani has to offer which includes their compensation plans and their products. All this and more will be discussed throughout this review so that you can understand what this program is all about and decide whether or not you would like to get involved with this company.

If you’re already affiliated with the company, don’t be so quick to leave this review! Keep reading to the end to learn how to boost sales and get great results!

By now you must be anxious to find out exactly what Kyani is

Well for starters…


Kyani started in 2005 and has been a very successful health and wellness network marketing company since it first began.

The company’s goal is to provide the best nutritional supplements to people everywhere.
Today we see that the health and wellness niche is very competitive and is continually getting more competitive due to the fact that a lot of companies are choosing to enter this particular market. However, the company has managed to remain successful through all the competition.


Kyani, (similarly to most network marketing companies)… pay their members commission each time they refer someone to the business.

Here’s a video from kyani better explaining their compensation plan

(WARNING: I DO NOT endorse this video, this is here for learning purposes ONLY!)


Kyani offers four different packs and the pricing depends on which of the four you select.

These are the packs that are offered:

Premium Business Builder: $999

Business Builder: $ 499

Product Pack: $299

Distributor Pack: $40



Kyani offers four major products, which are: Nitro FX, Nitro Xtreme, Sunset and Sunrise.

Nitro FX: This is a drink that produces nitric oxide, which protects the cells in the body.

Price: $65.95 (56 ml per bottle)

Nitro Xtreme: This is just the same as Nitro FX, this however, has more nitrates, which generates more nitric oxide.

Retail Price: $79.95 (for one 56 ml. bottle)

Sunset: This soft gel contains loads of essential vitamins and minerals to help boost the main systems within the body.

Price: $43.95 (bottle with 90 soft gels)

Sunrise: Sunrise contains a mixture of super foods, vitamins and over 70 different minerals.

Price: $43. 95 (30 oz. bottle)

KYANI — Putting it all together


The answer is (in my opinion), yes! The company is very trustworthy

But don’t go running so fast! There are still a few things you need to know.

The first thing to know is that you won’t make that much profit. For each product sold you will only make $5 and it doesn’t matter the amount of money the item was sold for.

But don’t lose hope

There is still one-way that you can make big bucks. This can be done through recruiting. Not many people is good at this, but it if you happen to be one of the few people that is go right ahead!

If you do choose this option there are some things to consider such as being able to keep a steady income of recruits, this may be a bit challenging.

Thanks for checking out this review! If you have any experiences with the company be sure to share them with us.